Tax Consultancy

Taxation is a fundamental part of how every country and company operates. Tax policy needs to be shaped and actively managed by governments and corporates alike.

Clyde & Associate’s Tax services are designed to reflect the unique needs and objectives of each client. In practical terms, that means C & A works with their clients to assist them in achieving effective tax compliance and managing tax risks, while helping to control costs. From a corporate viewpoint, tax governance is a rising priority, as legislation gets more complex.

We work with our clients to establish tax policies and processes, which determine that compliance   responsibilities are met, planning opportunities are realized, and there is appropriate communication with the markets and regulators. That way, management can communicate that taxation is under control and get on with running the business We use our in-depth technical tax knowledge, and our broader understanding of how tax fits into the wider business picture, to help clients to meet their compliance responsibilities and to act on planning opportunities.

Whether  you are a business or an individual, we work as a team to help achieve your objectives. This ethos is  reinforced by our ability to assemble multi-disciplinary teams of professionals, drawing on C & A’s dedicated resources and network not only in tax, but also in audit and advisory work. Our people operate within industry groups, giving you access to advisors who understand your specific tax issues, skillfully using technology to assist data extraction and management. We also maintain regular and constructive dialogues with the Kenya Revenue Authority.