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Today’s business world is fast paced because of the new, more stringent regulatory regime, shifting market demand and industry consolidation, continuing pressure for better returns and more transparency and new opportunities in emerging markets. To succeed, you must seize the opportunities while also managing the risks. C & A Advisory professionals provide advice and assistance to enable companies, intermediaries and public sector bodies to mitigate risk, improve performance, and create value.

We provide a wide range of Risk Advisory and Financial Advisory Services that can help clients respond to immediate needs as well as put in place the strategies for the longer term. You need to move quickly, but you also need long-term strategies to help ensure your business can cope with the demands placed on it today and tomorrow. Is the right infrastructure in place? Do you have the necessary processes, systems and controls to help safeguard against risk?

C & A’s Advisory practices:

Take an objective, long-term view.

Have an integrated approach to client service fielding teams of experienced professionals with a breadth of specific advisory, technical and industry sector skills.

C & A provides advice and assistance to companies, intermediaries and public sector bodies. Our Advisory Services can help you respond to immediate needs as well as put in place the strategies for the longer term.

How we can help

C & A helps employees, entrepreneurs and other high net worth individuals tackle these issues every working day of the year. The assistance provided by our Private Client Advisory group includes:

  • Tax compliance services
  • Tax planning advice
  • Assistance with broader documentation and financial planning.

Why choose C & A?

We pride ourselves on the technical and commercial abilities of our professionals. For our personal tax clients, that means having confidence they are in full compliance with the requirements of the tax authorities, while    knowing practical steps have been taken to manage their tax liabilities and protect their personal wealth. We also enjoy productive relationships with the Kenya Revenue Authority. We defend vigorously our clients in disputes, but we aim to achieve the desired outcome by combining an intimate knowledge of what the Kenya Revenue Authority may find acceptable with constructive negotiation.

How C & A Can Help

C & A can help with both short and long term issues.

Our initial approach may be to help clients with:
• Meeting new accounting standards
• Coordinating systems following a merger, acquisition, divestiture, or restructure.
• Coping with new applications
• Transition to a financial shared services center.

In the longer term, we can take a look at broader strategies. We can help finance departments take advantage of new processes and technology and achieve a balance between performance, risk, and control. Our tools and methodologies help clients align finance objectives more closely with their broader business growth. Our cross-functional approach helps companies both to improve their business planning and anticipate volatility of performance.

Today’s organizations are asked by stakeholders to improve business performance, minimize costs, reduce risks, and enhance revenue. Performance may not be meeting business requirements. Risks may not be appropriately managed. Support functions can be seen as inhibitors to growth.

How C & A Can Help

By looking with clients at a range of business areas including their internal processes, sourcing, third party contracts, and intellectual property, C & A can advise on which areas of company performance can be managed to streamline process, enhance control, and contain costs and business risks. Organizations have a range of options to help them manage performance including process and control redesign, shared services models and outsourcing. C & A can help clients develop the necessary information relating to customer, product and/or business line costs and profitability - helping to manage the risk associated with critical business decisions.

C & A works with clients to help:

  • Establish performance benchmarks and key performance indicators that are clearly aligned with business objectives
  • Determine the true profitability of products, services and customers, and establish performance and cost measurement systems
  • Identify risk reduction and performance improvement opportunities
  • Design and implement process redesign and shared service models
  • Drive the sourcing strategy, vendor selection, contract negotiation and transition phases of   outsourcing initiatives
  • Enhance the value of existing third-party contracts, outsourcing deals through contract   compliance, service level definition and contract   renewal support
  • Extract increased value from intellectual   property.

Clyde & Associates seasoned team of professionals is united in the aim of helping you develop and pursue your strategic and transactional objectives. C & A’s Corporate Finance practice is one of the country’s leading financial advisers
on public and private transactions. Our services include advice on:

  •  Mergers and acquisitions
  • • Business sales and disposals
  • Public company and take-over advice
  • Flotations and initial public offerings
  • Private equity and management buy-outs
  • Valuations, fairness opinions and appraisals
  • Project finance, public private partnerships and the private finance initiative
  • Debt-raising and restructuring advice.

Internal Audit Services

Internal Audit has traditionally been seen as transaction based compliance. But Internal Audit can create value for the business. It has a role in top level decision making, protecting the organization against risk, and the continual improvement of control systems. How C & A Can Help C & A’s Risk Advisory Services teams can work with clients either:

  • In an outsourcing capacity for the IA function


  • To supplement the skills or geographic reach of the in-house team through co sourcing and advisory services

Transactions are a key component of today’s business world, creating a multitude of opportunities including the enhancement of shareholder value, restoration of organizational solvency, and raising the profile of your organization. But C & A’s research clearly demonstrates that opportunities are being missed. C & A’s Transaction Services practice provides M&A support throughout a transaction from pre-deal evaluation through to completion and post-deal integration or separation.

C & A focuses on helping our clients to buy, sell and finance businesses, and also have extensive experience in mergers, joint ventures, leveraged buy-outs (LBOs) and Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). We are a leading team, with over 10 transaction professionals. Our clients include private and public companies, private equity houses and the public sector.


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